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Chemistry Videos

Chemistry lectures - no - open day Chemistry lectures were a memorable highlight of my time at University. One thing you miss with homeschooling is easy access to test tubes, magnesium ribbon and hydrochloric acid.

A Term on Medieval History

Last term we read through Charlotte Yonge’s History of Rome which leads up to my favourite topic - Medieval Europe. Now, because of the Protestant Revolution, it is nigh impossible to find a public domain text of this period from a Catholic perspective, but here is the plan.

Raspberry Pi chat server in the home

This morning’s diversion was setting up a chat server on the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a gadget that seems so full of possibilities, but hard to settle on one idea to run with.

Moodle For Home

Moodle is a Learning Management System - the big open source megalith of the Learning Management landscape. One drawback is that it needs more resources than can comfortably be supplied by your average cheap shared web hosting.

Matching up Psalms

When we sing the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Latin I often wonder how much my children understand. So, today I cut and paste Psalm 84 into two columns, printed out four copies, cut them up and asked my students to put them back together.

Bowler and Comenius

It’s the last week of Term 3 and I’ve come up with two things. Orbis Pictus Orbis Pictus by Comenius is the first ever printed picture book for children from way back in 1658 - or 1657 for the first version which was in Hungarian or High Dutch.