Divinum Officium T Shirt

Back in June I hit upon the mad idea of making my own merchandise. I had previously had a go at setting up an account with Printful for my husband’s art business.

And here is the result:

Me in a black t-shirt

Today the news is split between increased restrictions for Sydney due to a virus and increased restrictions on the Latin Mass. I’m rather disgruntled on both sides, so it’s a nice diversion that two sample t-shirts arrived today.

The design lists the names of the Canonical Hours of the Divine Office in Latin. This is kinda cool, as the Office was revised and rebranded as the Liturgy of the Hours in the 1970s, parallel to the liturgical reforms to the Roman Missal which are making headlines today.

Although the new Motu Proprio comes down like a tonne of bricks on the Mass, it doesn’t mention the Office at all. For us layfolk, we are happily not obliged to say either Office and can freely celebrate either or even both in our families.

For anyone who would like a medieval easy intro to the Divine Office, sung in Gregorian Chant in Latin, here’s my littleoffice.brandt.id.au project.

For anyone who would like a t-shirt a widget should follow, or use this link

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