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It was probably about October 2019 that Jeff Ostrowski asked me to help with the overhaul of Corpus Christi Watershed. I was already a contributor to the blog - that started back in 2013 when the Campion Hymnal was new - a project which was uncannily similar to a hymnbook I was working on for the FSSP Parramatta. I had expressed dissatisfaction with how the webpage worked so soon I found myself learning a whole lot about customizing Wordpress themes. A friend recommended Genesis, so I went with that.

Now Wordpress is heading off in the direction of Blocks and many people have observed that the design is looking a little dated. There are plans for new features but progress is slow. If you feel you could help out, then maybe get in touch and see how it goes.

The names of the themes have been cycling through the Martyrs of North America:

  • St. René Goupil (1642),
  • St. Isaac Jogues (1646),
  • St. Jean de Lalande (1646),
  • St. Antoine Daniel (1648),
  • St. Jean de Brébeuf (1649),
  • St. Noël Chabanel (1649),
  • St. Charles Garnier (1649),
  • St. Gabriel Lalemant (1649).

The different names was to make it easier to update the themes, though it does mean there is a checklist of things to fix up each time there’s an update.

This Brandt Lab webpage uses Wowchemy and Hugo. I also use this for my other webpage Kids Chant. The first webpage I can remember was put together on my UNSW student web hosting - it may have been in EE or CSE, it’s hard to remember. So as of writing, I have been making webpages for over 2 decades.

I use Wordpress for my husband Peter Brandt’s webpage and for my Shop Jubilus.

Veronica Brandt
Veronica Brandt
Technician and Tutor

My research interests include Gregorian chant, knitting, constructing long skirts with pockets and taking over the world.