Mass and Motets

When we were starting a schola at Lawson, a retired priest gave me a copy of this little booklet, Mass and Motets for Mixed Voices, By Polyphonic Masters. This was printed by The Advocate Press, 143-151 a’Beckett Street, Melbourne, Australia. I had assumes it was an Australian compilation, but someone has found parallels with offerings by Kalmus. Then I noticed the German notes in a few places.

It was printed before printing publishing dates was a thing, so I’m guessing it’s about 1940-ish.

Someone asked me to scan it, but if Kalmus is selling it, then maybe that’s not the best. Also, it’s quite a cramped typesetting to shoe-horn as much music as possible into 32 pages. Also, the pieces are available elsewhere on the internet, all except the Gloria from Antonio Lotti’s Missa Brevis for 4 voices in C.

So, here are all the pieces with links.

And here are some photos:

Ave Regina



Is the placement of the Contents at the end also a German thing?

Pellegrini’s stamp

And the Pellegrini stamp. I don’t remember the shop, but I have hazy memories of a Pellegrini sign near Parramatta visible when passing by train. Which is a bit odd, as I wouldn’t have been travelling by train there very often. If you can help me make sense of this mixed up memory, please drop me a line.

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