Catechism Handwriting

Editable Tracing of Baltimore Catechism 1

About September last year I had the bright idea to make the whole Baltimore Catechism 1 into a big tracing book in different styles of handwriting.

Here’s Learning Curve by Blue Vinyl Fonts:

Here’s Print Clearly also by Blue Vinyl Fonts:

Here’s a font called Abecedario from gnuLinEx:

If memory serves, I edited the Abecedario font to fix the way it handled spaces. As I understand it, I can distribute the edited font as long as I also point to the Gnu Public Licence.

  • Abcedariopunt-pautada.ttf (I changed the name a little as I keep spelling it this way and hopefully now I’ll be able to find it!)

In Australia each state teaches a variation of italic handwriting. Here I’ve picked a Tasmanian font by Mez Merrit.

You can use any font you like. In OpenOffice, either press F11, or find the Manage Styles item in the Styles menu. I’ve used the Preformatted Text style for the traceable handwriting.

Right click on “Preformatted Text” and select Modify. That should let you change the font, size or whatever and then click “Apply” and your changes should magically appear in the document!

I’m sure you could also change the paper size too, in case you live in a funny non-A4 country.

God bless you!

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Veronica Brandt
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