Brandt Lab - a family workroom - or a window into what the geeks of the family get around to publishing.

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Peter Brandt: portraits in pastel and charcoal

people, pets, automobiles, architecture,

drawing random portraits and setting them free around the Blue Mountains. Sometimes people even commission new work or buy drawings through Etsy.

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Anything else?

It often feels like we have so many different projects going on at once, it's hard to represent this in a coherent way.

This page hopes to unify all the disparate attempts at making things. Peter's drawings, Veronica's hymnbooks, bits on home education and computers.

A New Book of Old Hymns: a collection of Veronica's favourite music, first published in 2004. 92 pages.

plainchant, polyphony, sequences, a litany, rounds, antiphons, carols, for all seasons of the Church's year, plus Missa Orbis Factor, Benediction and some English hymns.

2014 — Latest edition with Imprimatur!

Simple brown scapulars, made to order, available through Etsy.

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