Maths and English

Since high school, I have worked as a tutor in Mathematics and English. Mathematics is still my favourite. At High School I studied 4 Unit Maths, which would be roughly equivalent to Extension 2 Mathematics now. I went on to study Electrical Engineering at UNSW, graduating with honours in 2001.

In 2024 I qualified as a Registered Instructor with the Institute for Excellence in Writing. This system focuses on writing in a systematic way which gives a reason for learning grammar and spelling. I have found it very helpful in making sense of the more woolly world of English.

From 2019-2023 I worked at a tutoring centre in Springwood called Tuitionworks. I started off tutoring Mathematics for High School then branched out into Primary School Maths then Barton Method Reading and other areas of English.

I have homeschooled my six kids from K-10, so I can talk about homeschooling. I can help you put together a homeschool plan too. I’m a believer in empowering parents to construct their own plan rather than buy a ready made plan that doesn’t necessarily relate to their family goals.

You can contact me either by email: [email protected] or mobile: 0407 887 637 or via the Contact page.

Veronica Brandt
Veronica Brandt
Technician and Tutor

My research interests include Gregorian chant, knitting, constructing long skirts with pockets and taking over the world.