Veronica Brandt
Veronica Brandt
Veronica Brandt is a mother of six with a background in computers and music. For fun she knits and finds ways to make life complicated.
17 Dec, 2013 1 min read

Guinea Pigs

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As if we didn’t already have enough cute going on around here.


Boys bought two guinea pigs from our local homeschool market day.

Two guinea pigs

One we call Snowball or Lily.


The other is called Phoebe.


And they are very cute.

Snowball is steadily growing rounder and rounder and seems to be carrying bonus guinea pigs.

Also, maybe just a side effect of parental inability to find the right name at the right time, but the name guinea pigs seems inept to describe these diminutive fluff balls. So they are also called bunnies and pigeons.

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