Epiphany House Blessing

I picked up a handout with the text of this blessing in Latin and English. I noticed the words: “Antiphon” and “Responsorium” and wondered if there was music out there. Whaddya know, there is! So here is my impression of the Epiphany House Blessing with chant.

We had a go at it this year (2024). The Responsorium proved a bit too challenging for our late night blessing, but overall it was really cool. We repeated the Magnificat a few times while Dad sprinkled all the rooms, including our sheds outside.

The tunes are a bit quirky, so might be one for a future video!

Epiphany House Blessing PDF

and arranged for booklet printing

Veronica Brandt
Veronica Brandt
Technician and Tutor

My research interests include Gregorian chant, knitting, constructing long skirts with pockets and taking over the world.