Anki Catechism

Some years ago I had a go at using Anki to help learn the Baltimore Catechism. It probably helped a bit, but one of those things that dropped by the wayside.

As wordpress limits the types of files it can store, I relied on to store the deck. They periodically delete unused accounts, so coming back to Anki again I thought I’d have another go and this time save the files here! Github is fantastic.

There are 421 questions and answers. I haven’t put in the chapter tags this time around, but hopefully it’s usable enough as it is.

Then I can see if I can get my children using this. Sounds like a helpful thing for our Latin plans. We have been using Quizlet, but restricting internet access has encouraged looking into offline tools.

Veronica Brandt
Veronica Brandt
Technician and Tutor

My research interests include Gregorian chant, knitting, constructing long skirts with pockets and taking over the world.