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Baby Monica

Sixth baby, second girl, second homebirth, first daytime birth. A new baby with two teenagers in the family.

Sacraments 2015

Above photos thanks to Giovanni Portelli Photography

Woodford Pool aka Paradise Beach

To celebrate my birthday Peter showed us the way to the lengendary Woodford Pool, also known as Paradise Beach. It is located in a little crook of the creek south of Woodford Dam.


I got tired of cheap scapulars falling apart. I started looking up how to make your own. The Catholic Encylopedia has an article on Scapulars which says:

Melbourne 2014

Most of us went to Melbourne again. I went to a breastfeeding conference with another breastfeeding enthusiast. The rest of the crew did various touristy things.

Guinea Pigs

As if we didn’t already have enough cute going on around here. Boys bought two guinea pigs from our local homeschool market day. One we call Snowball or Lily.


Peter has made himself a recumbent trike. Four boys on their bikes. And all together:

Baby Elizabeth

Good News! We have a baby girl!


We did the Christus Rex Pilgrimage! And I am hopeless at taking good photos. And we stayed in an old house, without electricity, it was the best.

Peter's Minis

Peter has more than a passing interest in these little cars. First there was Alfalfa, followed by Small (short for Very Small Car). Eric the Half a Mini joined Small as did Alexander Mini and Augustus Mini.

Brandt Garb Guide

(formerly Veronica's Foray into Early Medieval Costume) This web site came about as an attempt to record what I was making for the Holy Cross Festival - an annual celebration of the Maternal Heart of Mary Church, Lewisham.