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Bowler and Comenius

It’s the last week of Term 3 and I’ve come up with two things. Orbis Pictus Orbis Pictus by Comenius is the first ever printed picture book for children from way back in 1658 - or 1657 for the first version which was in Hungarian or High Dutch.

Living the Truth

C P Bowler wrote a series of booklets aimed at high school students in New Zealand. They make an awesome introduction to Thomistic Philosophy and general Catholic teaching.

Teaching Coding

Yesterday saw my first installment in the Living Learning Coding Class. I prepared a server with The genome game which touched on binary coding Blockly Games, which will help with the building blocks for making games Things I installed, but didn’t use:

Teaching and Learning Latin

Multum legendum, non multa — read much, not many. There is a tendency to multiply courses and programs and curricula in homeschooling. Latin is one of the areas where many people attempt it but few actually succeed in becoming comfortable with reading Latin.

Educational TV

Sometimes you can actually find useful things from the National Broacaster. At the moment we’re following two programs: Atoms of Fire Australia’s Prime Ministers The first is available through iview, the second we record through our computer thanks to mythTV.

Maps of Australia

To save someone the trouble, if possible. Here is a simple map of Australia with state boundaries and rivers Here is a slightly more detailed map and Here is a similar map labelled