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Knit thurible

Knitted in the round in gold 8 ply with a charcoal briquette in black. This pattern used to be available through Ravelry, but since their No Trump policy came in, I have wanted to distance myself from that platform.

Knit some shepherds

I'm a great fan of Jean Greenhowe's dolls. These dolls are made from her Last Minute Dolls pattern in her Chirstmas book. The Angel is almost a direct copy of her Christmas Fairy and the Shepherds have elements taken from the Basic Doll pattern as well as the Nativity Set earlier in the book.

Brandt Garb Guide

(formerly Veronica's Foray into Early Medieval Costume) This web site came about as an attempt to record what I was making for the Holy Cross Festival - an annual celebration of the Maternal Heart of Mary Church, Lewisham.

Crochet a Thurible

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike2.5 License. -- Have you a toddler aspiring to be an altar-server one day?