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Technical Issues

UPDATED: 25/3/19 A few days before Christmas might be a funny time to try migrate from Github Pages over to Gitlab. Just for the moment, if you’re looking for the Roman Martyrology try:

Print Etsy Inventory

Working Online Demo Etsy is a pretty and useful platform for selling handmade stuff. It isn’t always the most powerful platform for getting things done, but there are lots of commercial third party programs to help out.

Raspberry Pi chat server in the home

This morning’s diversion was setting up a chat server on the Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi is a gadget that seems so full of possibilities, but hard to settle on one idea to run with.

Teaching Coding

Yesterday saw my first installment in the Living Learning Coding Class. I prepared a server with The genome game which touched on binary coding Blockly Games, which will help with the building blocks for making games Things I installed, but didn’t use:

Static websites, cheap hosting

I’ve figured out a way to cut my hosting costs with Github Pages, Form Spree and Feedburner. So now, if you would like to subscribe to Brandt Lab updates, you can use the RSS link down the lower right of this page, or subscribe by email.

Moodling on the LAN

A few years ago I tried installing Moodle on my shared web hosting only to find out that you need more than regular shared hosting to run Moodle.