I. Ora Maritima - The Sea Coast

Preparation page 62

Here’s a comma separated list of vocabulary in case you can use it in a program like Anki or Quizlet.

ex fenestrīs | *out of (or from) the windows*
undās spectās | *thou seest (you see) the waves*
caeruleās | *blue*
quam magnae sunt | *how big they are*
per lūcidae | *transparent* (lucid)
post cēnam | *after supper*
lūnam spectō | *I see the moon*
stellās | *the stars*
ex fenestrā meā | *from my window*
prope villam | *near the country house*
silva | *a wood*
saepe | *often*
ambulō | *I walk*
quantopere | *how much*
nōs dēlectat | *delights us*
ō cōpiam | *oh the abundance*
plantārum | *of plants*
herbārum | *of grasses, of herbs*
bācārum | *of berries*
nōn sōlum | *not only* (solely)
sed etiam | *but also*
agricolae | *farmers*
circum | *around*
habitant | *dwell*
casae | *the cottages*
agricolārum | *of the farmers*
parvae | *small*
casās albās habitant | *inhabit white cottages*
casās vīsitat | *visits the cottages*

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Answers to Drill Exercises starting page 104.

Boats are in the waves.

Waves are under the boats.

Sailors are in the boats.

There is the storm : the waves are not blue.

Sailors sail in the not blue waves.

Sailors live in white cottages.

Nautae saepe navigant in scaphis.

Navigo saepe cum nautis.

Non procul fenestris casarum undae orae maritimae sunt.

Amita mea saepe in casis agricolarum sunt.

Non procul ab casis silva est.

Before the house is sand.

The sea shore is before the sailors’ cottages.

The sea shore is near the house of my aunt.

The wood is near the cottages of the farmers.

After dinner I don’t sail in a boat.

After holidays I live far from the sea shore.

Ante januam villae arena orae maritimae est.

Prope silvam casae agricolarum sunt.

Inter ferias interdum in scaphis navigo.

Post ferias non habito in villa amitae meae.

Ante feras non navigo in scaphis.

I watch the house from the sea shore.

I watch the windows of the house from the sea.

On the sand I watch the boats and anchors and chains.

In the wood I see plants and herbs : I love berries.

Sailors like white cottages.

White houses delight sailors.

Arenam amo.

Arenam orae maritimae amo.

Scaphas et ancoras et catenas amo.

Undae nautas delectant.

Amitam meam plantae delectant.

Amita mea nautas et agricolas amat.

Ex fenestris casarum nautae undas spectant.

Scaphae nautas delectant : nautae scaphas amant.

Ante ferias non specto scaphas et oram maritimam.

(may be a few different answers possible here)

Oram maritimam amo.

Ora maritima nos delectat.

Scaphas albas navigat (or navigo, navigant, amo, …)

Scaphae interdum caeruleae sunt.

Ora maritima est bella.

In arena sunt scaphae.

Ex Oram maritimam nautas spectant.

Agricolae in silvam visitant.

Cum nautis interdum navigo.

Cum agricolis interdum ambulo.

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