I. Ora Maritima - The Sea Coast

Preparation page 61

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sunt;are / there are
fēriae nunc sunt;it is now the holidays
inter fērias;during the holidays
in villā maritimā;in the country-house by the sea
ō beātās fēriās;oh, the happy holidays!
in arēnā;on the sand
ōrae maritimae;of the sea coast
incolae;the inhabitants
magna est;great is / is great
audācia;the courage
nautārum;of sailors
procellās formidānt;they fear storms
nautās amo;I like sailors
mē amant;they love me
cum nautīs;with the sailors
in scaphīs;in boats
nāvigō;I sail

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Answers to Drill Exercises starting page 103.

Boats are not far from the country house.

Holidays are happy.

Holidays are happy - word order in Latin doesn’t really work like English

Great are the storms in the sea coast.

Sailors are not far from the sea shore.

Sailors are in boats.

The boat is not big.

Ubi est scaphae?

Scaphae in arena sunt.

Nautae habitant non procul ab arena orae maritimae.

Interdum navigo in scapha cum nauta.

Catenae in scapha sunt.

Ancorae et catenae in ora maritima sunt.

The sailors’ boats are sometimes big.

The anchors of the big boats are big.

The anchors of the not big boats are not bigs.

Scaphae nautarum non procul ab janua villae.

Ancorae scapharum in arena sunt.

Ancorae et catenae ancorarum in arena sunt.

Incolae villarum nautas non sunt.

Audacia incolarum orae maritimae magna est.

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