I. Ora Maritima - The Sea Coast

(First Declension of Nouns and Adjectives, together with the Present Indicative of sum and of the First Conjugation)

Preparation page 60

Here’s a comma separated list of vocabulary in case you can use it in a program like Anki or Quizlet.

quam bella,how beautiful
ōra maritima,the sea-shore
nōn procul,not far
ab ōra maritimā,from the sea-shore
villa,a country-house
in villā,in the country-house
amita mea,my aunt
habitat,dwells, lives
ego habitō,I dwell, I am staying
cum amitā,with my aunt
ante iānuam,before the door
villae,of the country-house
ārea,an open space
in āreā,in the open space
castanea,a chestnut-tree
luscinia,a nightingale
sub umbrā,under the shade
castaneae,of the chestnut-tree
ancilla,a maid-servant
cēnam parat,prepares supper
amō ōram,I love the shore
amō villam bellam,I love the pretty country-house

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Answers to Drill Exercises starting page 101.

The country house is pretty.

The chestnut tree is pretty.

The maid lives in the country house.

Not far from the sea shore is the country house.

I live not far from the sea shore.

Under the chestnut I sometimes sing.

Quam bella est castanea!

Non procul a castanea luscinia cantat.

Non procul a villa est ora maritima.

Non procul a ora maritima est castanea.

In villa nunc habito.

My aunt sometimes sings under the shade of the chestnut.

With my aunt under the shade of the chestnut I sometimes sing.

My aunt’s maid lives in my aunt’s villa.

The door is not far from the sea shore.

Villa amitae meae bella est.

Janua villae non procul est ab ora maritima.

Ubi est luscinia?

Luscinia interdum sub umbra castaneae cantat.

Luscinia in castanea non habitat.

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